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About PJFS, Inc.


Page Jenkins Financial Services, Inc. (PJFS) is a full service business management firm that provides financial, tax, and estate planning as well as investment supervisory services for its clients through an affiliated group of companies. These companies include a C.P.A. firm (for tax planning), and a business management firm for those clients desiring bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting and cash flow planning, in addition to tax and investment advisory services.


While many business management firms limit their services to individuals in the entertainment field, our client base extends beyond this limited arena to include lawyers, corporate executives, professionals and other high net worth individuals needing all or a portion of our services. Not all clients require full business management services. Some want to perform the bookkeeping function independent from our office, having our firm involved in tax advice, cash flow planning and investment supervisory services.

Page Jenkins


Page Jenkins is a CPA and business manager. After completing his education at USC, Page joined an international accounting firm, Arthur Young & Co. In addition to working in their New York office tax department, he was the partner in charge of the Beverly Hills and Orange County tax departments where he was a tax partner for twenty years. He left that firm to open PJFS.


In addition to being a CPA who specializes in taxation, Page was a registered investment advisor for more than 10 years where, as part of his services to his business management clients, he managed a “fund of funds.” This fund invested in various hedge funds that specialized in certain diverse sectors of our economy as well as international investments.

The Team


Supporting Page is a group of senior managers having a combined experience in their respective fields in excess of fifty years.  Working with the managers is a support staff consisting of accountants and administrative personnel.


In order to provide consistent and timely service to our clients, as part of our internal control proceedures, each client is not only assigned to a senior manager and bookkeeper (primary team), but also to a back-up team. This back-up team will have sufficient general knowledge about the client’s activities so that they can service the client’s needs during a period where a member of the primary team might not be available (sickness, vacation, etc.).

Why Choose PJFS?

  • Few CPA firms offer tax planning and compliance services where the lead partner was a senior tax partner with a “Big 8“ firm for approximately 20 years. Page was the head of the second largest tax department in the entire firm. Formal education is important. Practical experience in sophisticated areas of the tax law is critical. Tax consulting and investment supervision represent close to 50% of our practice.
  • Most business management firms, start small and as they grow, they eventually look to being bought out by a large conglomerate where developing new clients and increasing client fees becomes a necessity. We are not available to be purchased. We are not looking to expand our client base through merger or acquisition. We are what we are—a boutique firm—and enjoy being just that!
  • Clients dislike employee turnover on their account. We value our employee base and treat our personnel fairly and with respect. Because of this, almost all of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. This statistic includes both professional as well as administrative personnel. For example, the administrative group averages in excess of 25 years with the firm, the shortest term for any administrative employee being 22 years. On the professional side, the average term is in excess of 20 years.
  • Page Jenkins was a registered investment advisor for ten years. He currently supervises and oversees the performance of significant portfolios.
  • Client retention is important to our firm. We have a select group of clients who, on average, have been with the firm for approximately 24 years.
  • We DO NOT charge on an hourly or percentage of income basis. For all areas of our practice (tax, investment supervision and business management), we charge on a fixed monthly retainer basis.