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Business Management


As your business managers, think of us as the conductor of an orchestra: the members of your orchestra include your attorney, bankers, stockbrokers, insurance professionals, managers, agents and others as appropriate. As the conductor, PJFS takes responsibility for creating and overseeing your financial plan and for coordinating the activities of other professionals to make certain that all of the necessary functions related to your financial plan are carried out accurately, on a timely basis and with a minimum of inconvenience to you.


We help you create a realistic financial plan and budget for the short and long term. This function involves not only tax planning but also cash flow budgeting, financial forecasting and longer term estate planning. Full business management services include bookkeeping (paying bills, collecting and depositing funds due you as well as the preparation of appropriate financial reports).


Other important services are covered within our business and financial management group. For instance, we review your insurance needs, refinance home mortgages, coordinate the purchase or remodeling of your residence and buy or lease automobiles or other important personal or business assets.